Go to a weekend festival (Camping)

Completed – 25th August 2014 

My first ever festival was Reading festival which I experienced with a bunch of my friends, I was 19 at the time and was looking forward to boozing the whole weekend away, not really knowing what the hell happened. Unfortunately, this did not happen. A week before we was due to set off on a crazy, unforgettable weekend of drinking, and well good music I came down ill. And I don’t mean ill as in I had a cold, I mean ill as in I had a bladder infection. For anyone who has never had one thank yourselves lucky, not only was I put on antibiotics which meant my drinking had gone out the window, it also meant that my brilliant plan of not taking the antibiotics and drinking heavily anyways didn’t work.

For anyone who has been to a UK festival I am sure your all well aware of the disastrous war zone that are called the toilets, and if you don’t let me describe in vivid detail the horrors that await you. So really you can’t even call it a toilet, its basically wooden stools that are about 6ft off the ground, with a toilet seat that just drops your waste into a hole they have dug out; disgusting I know! And get this right, this isn’t even the worst part! Someones bright idea thought it’d be a great idea to have mixed toilets, and well, all us girls know that guys have a hard time aiming they’re piss at the best of times but when drunk, boyyyy don’t they get it everywhere. So you have these toilets, that are all pissy, with no toilet roll, no lights and you can see everyones waste floating at the bottom.

So yeah, there was these horrible toilets and I had a bladder infection and young naive silly, silly me ignored the doctors orders, ignored my antibiotics and chugged five cans of beers at 7am in the morning. Unfortunately this did not get me drunk, nor did it make me giddy, what it did make me was a broken water sprinkler, every five minutes I was in them disgusting toilets needing to pee. It pretty much ruined my first day, I also ran out of toilet roll very quick.

Besides my very poorly bladder, the festival was everything I expected and more. The bands were great live and I got to see blink 182 and arctic monkeys, that in itself is epic. The camping side of it wasn’t bad either, there was about 8 of us in my group and then some added; friends or friends. Every night we would get firewood and we would make a camp fire, bust some tunes from a portable speaker and chill in each others company.

The nights were FREEZING. I was at the time seeing one of my friends, and one night we ended up sharing a single sleeping bag like cocoons it was so cold. It didn’t rain while we was there so that I’m grateful for. The nights are noisy and loud, with constant drunk people stumbling around your tent and the screams of “Dave” or “Alan” and people screaming it back. I was luckily enough not to have anyone walk into my tent thinking it was theres, I was also lucky enough not to have someone fall onto it.

Overall it was an amazing experience that I have actually kept on having, I’ve been to a number of festivals (Camping and non camping) such as wildlife festival 2015, Common people 2015 & 2016, Reading festival 2014 & 2016, download festival 2017 (I can’t wait to see Aerosmith!)

I would highly recommend anyone to go to a festival its the best way to see loads of acts you love and have an amazing time with a bunch of friends! Don’t let camping put you off, I have listed some tips below on how to survive your first ever festival!

  1. Pack lightly and only what you need. – the festival is more than likely in a huge field, your going to have to carry your shit a fair few miles before you can set up camp. If your hulk than aye good for you, lumber that shit on you like no tomorrow. But, if your like me that pretty much has arms like spaghetti don’t take too much. I’ve seen many people over the years use suitcases, bins, shopping trollies, old lady shopping trollies; the list goes on!
  2. Pack food. Sure there’s food there, but its overpriced and not great value for money. I think over the weekend I must have spent about £70-£80 on food and drink and do you know how many meals I liked out of the 12 I had? 3, that is all that tasted nice! So pack some snacks, breakfast bars, crisp, biscuits, literally anything!
  3. Toilet roll and hand sanitiser. – the toilets have improved since I went in 2014, they were a lot cleaner when I went in 2016 and I haven’t been so happy in all my life! This however does not mean you can forget to bring loads of toilet rolls, or even buy some toilet seat covers (There really handy!) you can buy them online or I got mine from the range, but they are like wipes shaped like a toilet seat you put over the top so you don’t get covered from someones piss.

I think there the main points to highlight, so hey, go and have fun, book a festival even if you’ve been before or never have. The experience is like no other and you will never regret a moment of it!

Acts I’ve seen: Blink 182, Arctic Monkeys, 1975, paramore, Jake Bugg, Enter Shikari, foster the people, Macklemore and Ryan lewis, sleeping with sirens, Papa roach, You me at six, courteeners, Don Broco, Cage the elephant, The Kooks, Clean Bandit, The neighbourhood, Wilkinson, Disclosure, Craig David, Years and Years, BBK, JME, Wiley, Red hot chilli peppers, Biffy Clyro, Fall out Boy, Parkway Drive, State Champs, Oliver Heldens, Duke Dumont, The internet, Fatherson, Jack Garratt, Twenty one pilots, Mura Masa, Fickle friends, Sigma, Krept and Konan, Rat Boy, Good Charlotte, Asking Alexandria, Lapsley, Gnash, Lady Leshur, Russell Howard, Joel Dommett, Wu Tang clan, Annie Mac.


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