Adventurous Annalise

So this is the Adventures of my life, as you may have already gathered, I am Annalise.

I’m here to share my adventures throughout life as I tackle my bucket list in the hope to one day finally being able to have experienced everything on it. The list, wellllllll it’s pretty long, not long as in nearly record breaking (is there even a record for the longest bucket list?) but it’s pretty close.

Writing a blog actually happens to be one of them, so here I am, and here you are, and here I am completing one of them while you get the joy of being involved! And well, I thought what better way to document my experiences than to share them with the rest of the world and to hear everyone else’s at the same time; heck there may even be things I haven’t even got on my list that you guys have!

But, hey, thats enough of me rambling on. If your interested in listening in on my adventure stories, from the weird, to the damn right amazing than just carry on what your doing and read away! If your really into it than don’t be afraid to add your own stories below, I’d love to hear them!